7 Sweet Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to show how much they mean to us. If you're looking for the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation, here are seven delightful gift ideas that are sure to make Mom feel cherished.

1. Afternoon Tea Box

Handcrafted Mother's Day chocolates inspired by the elegance and flavors of Afternoon Tea. Treat Mom to a luxurious assortment of chocolates infused with classic coffee and tea flavors, cheesecake, rose London fog, espresso, matcha berry, and coconut macaroon.


Afternoon Tea Chocolate Box 6 pc


2. Famous Tiger Butter Apple
Granny Smith apple dipped in fresh-made from scratch caramel, then dipped in our white chocolate with peanut butter. Indulge Mom's sweet tooth with this exquisite treat, a flavor combination that's sure to delight her taste buds.

Tiger Butter Apple cut

3. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Box
Milk chocolate-dipped strawberries in a heart-shaped box. Show Mom your love with this classic gift. Juicy strawberries dipped in smooth milk chocolate make for a sweet and elegant gesture that she'll adore.

A box of strawberries covered in chocolate


4. All That and a Bag of Chips Chocolate Ridge Bar
3oz Milk Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt Potato Chips, sprinkled with sea salt. Give Mom a delightful surprise with this unique chocolate bar. Creamy milk chocolate meets crispy sea salt potato chips for a satisfying blend of sweet and salty flavors.

Chocolate Bar with chips in it


5. Chocolate Seafoam
Our Chocolate Seafoam is a magical confection freshly made in Copper Kettle and hand-dipped in our creamy milk chocolate! Treat Mom to a taste of nostalgia with this classic confection. Light and airy seafoam candy enveloped in rich milk chocolate—it's a melt-in-your-mouth experience she won't forget.

Open bag of Chocolate Seafoam: Handcrafted confection made in a Copper Kettle, dipped in creamy milk chocolate.

6. Chocolate Dipped Blueberries Quickie
3oz of blueberries coated in milk chocolate then dipped in blueberry coating. Delight Mom with a burst of fruity flavor! Plump blueberries coated in smooth milk chocolate and finished with a blueberry coating make for a deliciously irresistible treat.

Quickies bag with chocolate blueberries
7. Caramel Box

Our signature box of 12 or 6 assorted caramels is a delightful treat for Mom. Each caramel is handcrafted to perfection, offering a variety of flavors to tantalize her taste buds. From classic favorites to unique twists.

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