6pc FORE! Box

Handcrafted Father’s Day chocolate box open, showcasing 6 dome-shaped chocolates: milk, dark, and white. Each chocolate resembles a golf ball.

6pc FORE! Box

8.0 oz


Swing into sweetness this Father's Day with handcrafted Golf ball domes inspired by Dad's favourites: smooth peanut butter, dark espresso, mocha, almond mogul and crunchy seafoam.


Ingredients:  Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk, chocolate liquor, sunflower lecithin, vanilla) Sugars (sugar, invert sugar, glucose, corn syrup) • Milk ingredients • Gelatin • Sea salt • Vanilla • Egg whites • Salt • Modified corn starch • Peanut butter • Espresso bean • Almonds • Artificial and natural flavours • Cocoa butter • Rice starch.

CONTAINS:  Milk • Soy • Eggs • Nuts • Peanuts.  MAY CONTAIN: Wheat • Sulphites.